Grandma Linda’s Cookies

Grandma Linda – 1967

My mom passed away from cancer February 10th, 2009 and was everything I aspire to be in a mother.  She left her nursing career to become a stay at home mom and raise me and my two brothers, which was not an easy task.  I miss her with all of my heart, so much so, that her portrait is tattooed on the inside of my left arm.  It crushes me that she will never meet her grandson, and that he will never meet her but I would like to bring the “essence” of Grandma Linda into his life in any way that I can.  And one of the best ways to introduce her into his life is my mom’s cookie recipes.

My mom was the absolute best cookie maker, she usually worked out of the Company’s Coming Cookie book which I am now in possession of. This cookbook looks like it has been through the war, it has no back cover, the pages are all worn and vanilla stained and most importantly, it has my mom’s scribbles and adjustments all throughout it.  When I moved out to Vancouver 10 years ago I would put in cookie orders once a month and my mom would make them for me and mail them out.  I even mentioned to her that my friends back home were missing her cookies and of course my mom being the woman that she was actually made some and delivered them my friends’ places of work.

As I work through my mom’s cookie recipes I’ll share them with you, so you can carry on a little piece of Grandma Linda too 🙂

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