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I am a new mother of a baby boy named Ryker.  As of November 26, 2010 my boyfriend and I had our entire world changed  for the better and our life is now dedicated to this awesome little guy.

My life pre baby was fairly carefree and extremely different from my day to day routines now.  But this stage of my life is a very welcome one, as I had my entire 20s to myself and am ready to give myself over to someone else now.  I will be turning 30 on September 17th of this year so I thought it was time to grow up a little and take a real stab at this whole mother shindig the proper way, the way I was raised.  The problem is, I really don’t have a clue what I am doing! I am also a fairly stubborn person and prefer figuring things out for myself….I don’t know what mothers did before google!

So I will be blogging my experiences with motherhood, cooking, baking, homemaking, rants and raves on products and everyday life

I don’t fully expect anybody to really read this blog, but it will give me something to do other than zone out on the TV for that hour or two I have to myself each day. It is probably better for the old noggin as well.  If you do happen to read it though, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

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