Grocery Delivery!

The other day I was watching a marathon of ‘Til Debt Do Us Part’, and I absolutely love Gail Vaz-Oxlade.  Admittedly, when I usually watch the show I pick up on all the flubs that I take on my own finances but it doesn’t quite get through my thick head to make the changes that she suggests, but occasionally some advice slips through and is implemented in my day to day.  On one of the episodes the other day, there was a couple that was spending far too much on groceries per month.  They were a fit couple that liked to eat organic, quality food.  Gail suggested to them that they look into an organic grocery delivery service and that it would save them money.  I thought that was absurd, how could your groceries being delivered to you save you money?  My curiousity was peaked though, so I looked into what services were offered in the Lower Mainland and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

There were a few service to choose from, but I ended up going with (SPUD = Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery).  I received my first grocery order this week, and I will definitely be continuing on with this service.  As far as organic produce, meat and dairy, my local grocery store is limited and what they do have they mark up significantly.  I found this not to be case with Spud and just because I love lists, I am going to list the advantages that I feel come along with this service.

  • Fresh, organic, and local groceries.  They list the farm in which each product comes from, love that!
  • Prices for organic groceries are less than that of a large chain grocery store.
  • Provides the ease of ordering online and avoiding grocery store debacles with a crying baby.
  • Because everything is listed in front of you online, I found it much easier to create a budget and meal plan and stick to it.
  • Temptation is decreased.  I often end up spending above my budget and past my desired waist line in the grocery store because I have no restraint when walking by something that looks good.
  • Delivery is free with a minimum order (it is only $35 for my area).  And even if you order less than that, it is only $3.50…probably less than your gas.
  • You don’t have to be home for delivery, you can just specify where you would like your totes to be left.  If you live in an apartment, arrangements will be made for that as well
All in all, I think this is a great option and is a great way to support local farmers and healthy living.
If you are interested in trying it, they gave me a promo code to pass on to friends which will give you a total of $25 off your first 4 orders ($5 off first 3 orders, $10 off the 4th).  So just visit and use the promo code CRVAN-PARKAG

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