Cookie Fail!…sigh

So, I thought for my first take on Grandma Linda’s cookie recipes I would do my favourite, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.
Basically, I didn’t fully follow the recipe and pay attention to what I was doing and there was a slight error when it came to the butter to flour ratio. My result was….interesting. Cookie Fail!

If my mom was still with us today, this would have been the most ideal photo to send her as the reason why she still needs to mail me my cookies!

So I’m a little traumatized, and therefore I will give you the recipe at a later date when I actually pay attention to what I am doing and get it right.  Sigh.




4 thoughts on “Cookie Fail!…sigh

  1. Oh no …! I think I’d still eat these though, oatmeal cookies in any form are amazing 🙂 Love your blog by the way have just subscribed, thanks for subscribing to mine.

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